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Holly is a fantastic Physiotherapist to our little boy. She has had years of experience in this field, which clearly shows in the extensive knowledge she has and her ease with our son. She is warm, kind and approachable and is sensitive to parents’ needs. A wonderful therapist!



We are so grateful to the physiotherapist Holly and her expertise . After five years of unanswered questions about B’s symptoms Holly visited within a day of contact and identified the problem. Her gentle but professional approach was just what we needed. B has been diagnosed with neurological condition that we are now managing positively with the right people helping us. Thank you so much Holly from B’s family



Holly is a brilliant physiotherapist. She works with three of my young cerebral palsy clients and they all love her, as do their parents! Holly is an asset to any multidisciplinary team and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to innovative equipment that comes onto the market. I have seen Holly in action with her clients and she always makes sure they have fun whilst completing their therapy. Holly clearly cares about all her clients and this shines through in her work and the results she achieves. I highly recommend her.


Case Manager

Holly has been seeing my son for a while now, initially as a physiotherapist but for now just as a hydrotherapist and in both roles she’s been amazing. I feel she’s got a great way with kids, and my son adores her. She’s very positive, calming and a great listener. She gives great advice/points me in the right direction to other services if need be, and is always a phone call away.



I have known Holly for a year, she has worked closely as my son’s physiotherapist who has a disability named ‘Hemiplegia’ which mainly affects the use of his left arm and leg. During this time Holly has demonstrated a high level of care, working really hard improving my sons use of his left side. Holly is always very helpful throughout his treatments and worked extremely hard, encouraging my son all the way, helping to improve his movement and strength, through vigorous physiotherapy and treatments. Holly always puts my son’s feelings at ease, and has put together various Physiotherapy exercises tailored to meet his needs, along with other supporting equipment which is proving to be a success.



Our daughter has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and experiences anxiety and very high tone. She can be extremely tense and distracted, but as soon as her body touches the water she relaxes completely. She engages and focuses on what Steve asks her to do – and we are overwhelmed and amazed at what she achieves. She can now float by herself, and is working on engaging different muscles and body parts in order to turn from her from to her back and to her front again. She works very hard to coordinate turning her head to the left then moving her left arm, then turning her head to the right and using her right arm. She has persevered with this and her body has learned the pattern so she can do a good number of strokes. Her latest achievement is to stand supported only by the pool bar grip and she can bend her knees up and down when Steve asks her to. The improvement in her muscle control and coordination carries over to activities outside of the pool too, and her targeting and dexterity is greatly improved. Aquatic therapy sessions are one of the highlights in her life and they are worth every penny – not just for the physical benefits, but for the sheer joy she feels and the way her self esteem and confidence have grown. Thank you Steve and team. We highly recommend your service!



Jo treats L, her strength is improving day by day, it’s the heat, it allows her to relax more which makes her stronger as she can then do stuff in water that she cannot do on land. The benefits to her, she sleeps better afterwards and for the week after she’s a lot more steadier on her feet.



The physio Jo that K works with they’ve got a great relationship Jo’s always really welcoming really friendly and Kira really look forward to seeing Jo, she gets very very excited knowing she’s coming to hydro which is lovely, she has improved dramatically she’s able to swim unaided, climb up steps and her confidence has improved.



I’d say his movement has improved tremendously especially in his arms he also has a lot of fun being in the pool with Jo, he really enjoys it, it’s very important he gets a lot of pleasure out of it, and his movement is great.



The story that always sticks in my head about the wonderful work that you do Jo was regarding a home visit that you made to a little boy that had trouble sleeping, you ordered him a special cushion and now he sleeps so well that his mother has to wake him up to go to school. I would imagine that this has had an impact on his whole life, at home and in school, not only for him but for his family too.



My son had a fantastic Aquatic session with Jess, working on his bilateral movement in the water, in fact he keeps nagging me as to when he’s going again! She used his passions to create games which encouraged him to move the areas of weakness, her warmth and caring shone through to create a really positive experience for him and he had no idea how hard he was working his muscles until he left the pool & discovered his legs had gone to Jelly!


Parent of 10 yr old with Developmental Coordination Disorder