Acquired brain injury (ABI)

ABI occurs when the brain is damaged after birth, there are many causes, which may include road traffic collisions, sporting accidents, infections, a brain tumour, a bleed or lack of oxygen to the brain.

The effects of an ABI on a child can vary and will depend on the area of the brain and the amount of damage. The results can range from mild to severe and may include changes in physical ability, cognitive (thinking) skills, personality, behaviour and communication.

The StarPhysio therapy team are highly experienced paediatric physiotherapists and have worked with clients early in their rehabilitation and those later in their journey. We work jointly with our clients and their families to identify the activities that matter to them. We understand that to work effectively with people who have sustained an ABI, it is essential to understand the physical processes of recovery and the outcomes that may result. Every individual’s abilities will determine how the person and their family is able to participate and each therapy programme is designed to meet the needs of their specific goals and stage of recovery.

We have and continue to work with a number of young people who have experienced Posterior Fossa Syndrome following surgery to remove a brain tumour. With the resulting changes to muscle tone balance, coordination and strength. We have found that a combination of aquatic and land based intervention is very helpful in promoting improvements in motor skills.