Galileo Vibration Plate

 StarPhysio have invested in a Galileo Vibration Plate to assist in developing whole body programmes for clients. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is an innovative approach to therapy that can benefit children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. WBV involves standing or sitting on a vibrating platform, which transmits gentle vibrations throughout the body. This therapy has gained popularity for its potential to enhance strength, sensory activity, and coordination in children.

The Galileo platform can be a fun and engaging way to improve muscle strength. The rhythmic vibrations stimulate muscle contractions, helping children develop stronger muscles, especially in their legs and core. These improvements can enhance their ability to walk, stand, or perform daily activities with greater ease and confidence.

Sensory activities are crucial for children with neurological conditions, as they often experience sensory processing difficulties. WBV offers a unique sensory experience as the vibrations provide tactile input to the body.
It helps enhance muscle strength, provides valuable sensory input, and promotes better coordination. When incorporated into a well-rounded therapy program, WBV can contribute to the overall well-being and development of these children, making therapy sessions not only effective but also enjoyable.