Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapists are trained to provide specialist therapeutic intervention within the context of the developing child. We have a broad skill base with which to assess and treat the specific needs of your child. Such needs may include gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, stamina and endurance, fatigue management, functional activities of daily living, specialist equipment and orthotics, posture and alignment, muscle strength and range of movement.

NEW FOR FEBRUARY 2021! We have the use of a clinic space on Tuesday mornings near Horsham, RH12. Contact us for further details.

We carry some therapy equipment with us and can use the furniture in the home and educational environment (with your consent) to provide opportunities to access different gross motor skills, for example promoting standing by leaning forward onto the sofa.

We will always discuss your child’s treatment goals with you, as families play a vital role in supporting a child’s treatment. Older children are encouraged to be part of the treatment process where appropriate. We strive to develop a therapy program which addresses your child’s varied needs and welcome the opportunity to integrate strategies and goals of other health professionals who may be working with your child into therapy sessions.