Aquatic Therapy – £80 (time in the water approx. 40 minutes)

Initial developmental or neuro assessment  – £111*

Follow appointment at Clinic – £77 for a session

Follow up home / community visit –  From £80* per session
* Travel and mileage may be chargeable depending on your location

Intensives – Fees available on request, advanced payment or part payment may be required on booking.

Postural Assessment – Fees available on request

Teaching / Training – Fees available on request

StarPhysio will invoice you after your session, this may be agreed on a session, weekly or monthly basis by your treating therapist. Invoices will be sent by email (or post if preferable) and have a 14 day payment period. We ask that you pay by BACS payment, if this is not possible, then please negotiate alternative payment with your treating therapist. Please ask for a copy of our invoicing and debt policy for the terms and conditions. Please contact us if you require a full copy of our fees, terms and conditions.

Reports - Charged at the hourly clinical rate